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LIFE IN BLUE, a collection of twenty-nine works of flash and short fiction by Lauren Stone, embraces the possibilities of alternate realities. She forces the reader to question worlds they know, familiar stories, and the very nature of perception. The stories range from romance to horror. Varying in length from a brisk three hundred to a marathon at seven thousand words. Each story presents a possible reality in which the reader is asked to question what they know. "Edelweiss" transforms the classic tale of the Von Trapp family into a tale of pure horror as Maria attempts to survive the children. This collection personifies the post-modern movement of speculative fiction.


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Post modern. Indie. Hateful. Love triangles. Owls. Yarn art. Ginsberg. HOWL. Actuary. Self Fulfilling Prophecy. The Secret. Horror. Romance. Erotica. Literary. Fiction. Edited by: Lauren Stone



"This book is only 99 cents. I found it on Amazon. Read it this afternoon. After the last page, I sat back and said, WTF just happened? Then I laughed, because I totally got sucked in. It also gave me an idea. You might buy it and do the same, or it might make you stabby-shouty angry. Don't yell at me if it's the latter, because you've just been warned."  Renee Miller


"Just. I just... yeah. I can't explain why I love this but I do. I really really do."  Katrina Monroe


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The first-ever collection of Post-Experimental fiction presented by Bartleby Snopes and featuring stories and artwork from Jacob M Appel, Andrew Battershill, Justin Bostian, CS DeWildt, Barbara Westwood Diehl, Jacqueline Doyle, Joachim Frank, Jamie Leigh Haden, Christopher James, Hall Jameson, Len Kuntz, Andrea Mason, Leland Neville, Uzodinma Okehi, Stephen V Ramey, Lauren Stone, Edward Trefts, and Sandra Yagi.


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The third issue of Prospective, is focused on science fiction, romance, and Lovecraftian-odes. Showcasing the work of ten authors, veterans voices to Prospective, and a few fresh faces, "Cthulhu a Love Story" hopes to provide an eclectic and humorous insight into the nature of love and horror.


Features a poem and a work of flash fiction by Lauren Stone.


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Life, death, demons, and doughnuts. The perils of love; the perils of hell. Ghosts, TV, and human sacrifice. What do they all share. A group of writers, published and unpublished, with no other goal but to make you gasp in shock. Thirty stories, twenty writers. Prepare to get hooked.


Features two short stories by Lauren Stone.


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