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World Premiere July 31st-August 10th 2014 at The Freestanding Room, Montreal, QC.


First workshop June 26th & 28th 2014. Starring: Kenny Streule, Michaela Di Cesare, Nicky Fournier, Tessa J. Brown, and Sean Colby.


Two interconnected one act plays about mental illness, suicide and the psychological aftermath of rape trauma on a woman with obsessive compulsive disorder.

Act One- "Ledges" 1m, 1f

Act Two- "Black Flats" 2m, 2f

Two act play, 2f. Written by Lauren Stone and Nicole Appleby


Synopsis: After her mother's death, Nancy returns to the family home to settle her affairs. As she sorts through the wreckage, the memories she has suppressed for decades begin to re-surface.


First Workshop at The Blank Theatre, Hollywood, CA, Monday, April 28, 2014



Written by Lauren Stone and Nicole Appleby

Directed by Nicole Appleby

Produced by Laura Bousman

Starring Elena Campbell-Martinez and Ellen D. Williams

One act play, 3f/1m. Written by: Lauren Stone and Nicole Appleby.
About HONESTLY, OK: THE SEMI-TRUE STORY OF A GIRL AND HER SHOES: A teenage Nicole is kicked out of her parent's house. She lives on the streets until a kind citizen exposes the budding actress to a new career, with a pair of clear acrylic heels. HONESTLY, OK examines Nicole's life from homeless teen to successful theater director. A memory play, the tale flashes through time, with two women and one man representing all of the people who have touched Nicole's life. At times hilarious, at times touching, and at times cruel, the play is a realistic view of one woman's struggle to find a home and make a life for herself.
Original workshop Cast: Nicole Appleby, Christine Lakin, Ellen D. Williams, and Stephen Guarino.
World Premier Fringe Cast: Nicole Appleby, Erinn Anova, Ellen D. Williams, and Terry Ray.
Canadian Premier(Montreal): Mary Picard, Dominique Noel, Lauren Stone, and Kevin Black.

Ourselves; Only Better(Short Film)



Sarah and Paul have been best friends since college. The dissatisfied twenty-five year olds find themselves struggling to navigate a new city, new relationships, their feelings for one another, and what it would mean to their friendship if they were actually honest about their feelings.

"Flipping the Bird". Ten minute play, 3f/1m.
Written by Lauren Stone and Nicole Appleby.
Comissioned by Studio C Artists for their collection of short plays,
In the Dining Room. 
Familial tensions come to a head at a thanksgiving dinner from hell.
Inspired by a true story.

"Awkward" 10 min play, 1m/1f. Produced by Seattle Playwrights Collective.


"In “Awkward” by Lauren Stone, directed by Julia Griffin, two people travel a fair distance in order to meet in the real world after making an Internet connection. They discover that both have been lying about who they are and that any possibility of a real connection will depend on creating an entirely new relationship based on authenticity. I liked this show because it had a real sense of the pain of not having a connection based on truth and the loneliness of being separate and anonymous." Jerry Kraft

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