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A Plaid Thursday Production World Premiere of Lauren Stone's CONTEMPORARY KNIGHTS Two interconnected one act plays about mental illness, suicide, and the psychological aftermath of rape trauma on a woman with obsessive compulsive disorder. “Ledges”: Marie, a beautiful woman being treated for bi-polar disorder,meets Paul, a charming young man, on the roof of her former office building. Depressed and suicidal, Paul convinces Marie to come back to earth for a cup of coffee. A one night stand develops into something more. When Marie goes off her medication the couple is forced to reevaluate the stability of their relationship. “Black Flats”: Kiya, a young woman with OCD, has progressed into a debilitating episode of agoraphobia after being assaulted. Her friend and neighbor Sherri, a burlesque dancer, is growing annoyed by Kiya’s inability to move on and increasing dependency on her. Kiya is forced to confront her trauma as two young men breach the safety of her home. Written and Directed by: Lauren Stone Starring: Sean Colby Michaela Di Cesare Nicky Fournier Kenny Streule PREVIEW: July 30th at 8 pm SHOWS: July 31st, August 1st, 2nd, 7th, 8th and 9th at 8 pm LATE MATINEES: August 3rd and 10th at 5:00 pm TICKETS Regular: 10$ Students/ Seniors: 8$ ***Special 2 for 1 on July 30th (Preview)*** *A Canadian Actor's Equity production under the Artist Collective Policy For reservations:

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