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This has been a pretty transformative year. My 37th birthday is next week and in the last year, I've left my husband, fallen in love, become a plus mama/stepmom, finalized my divorced, bought my ex out of the house, shipped I don't know how many scripts, started a new role within Ubisoft, planted too many brassicas, and my daughter turned three.

On June 30th, Massive published an essay I wrote about my journey, so far, in the games industry and yesterday on American Indepenence day, I started a YouTube channel to share my garden knowledge, successes and failures. The YouTube channel is an attempt to document the randomness of my gardening outside of Facebook and Instagram. Over the last year, I have become fairly active in online gardening groups and habitually posted images and videos of my garden, with a little encouragement from my sambo and permission from work, I started the channel.

If you'd like to read about my journey in the games industry: Click HERE

If you'd like to follow my YouTube channel, Shire Farms Entertainment: Click HERE

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