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ComicCon and AudioDramas

It's been a pretty busy July...technically I am on vacation but two things have come out recently that I am very proud of and wanted to let people know about.

Next Sunday, July 25th at 11am PST, the narrative panel I did for ComicCon@home will be streaming. This was a lot of fun and will hopefully be entertaining and inspirational for anyone interested in videogame narrative and how we tell stories in this medium. There is also general writing advice and I feel so lucky to have been able to do this panel and to get to e-meet all these lovely people.

Link to ComicCon@home to watch the stream:

The other amazing thing that came out is an audiodrama made with Audible and KC Wayland. I have been a writer on the Division for the last five years and on Clancy IP for a little over a year now. Before I started my mission with Clancy IP, I was approached by The Division's brand team and our former transmedia coordinator to support this project to help make the narrative and characters as consistent with our universe as possible, within reason. Working with KC was a dream. We didn't work together for very long before we signed off on the scripts and focused on other projects, but I know that the collaboration between Ubisoft and Audible has resulted in something that builds the lore/narrative/world and expands our universe into other genres in a meaningful way that can be impactful and reach new audiences. I also think you know you've done a good job based on the caliber of the talent that signs onto your project. When people have the privilege to turn down jobs, if they read your scripts and decide, "I want to do this thing", you know you've made something special. I hope you enjoy these two things I've helped put into the world.

Here's a trailer for the Audiobook.

Remember, nothing happens on your own. Teamwork makes the dream work. Have a great day. L


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