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Our first week of shows have come and gone and in their wake, a litany of good press.

Thank you to everyone who has come to see this new work, and to all of the people who have reported on a bunch of unknown artists.

Below are links to all of the reviews and interviews that have come out so far.

Looking forward to the second week of shows.

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Contemporary Knights

“Contemporary Knights”... combines serious subject matter with smart humor in the form of two one-act plays that build on each other as they explore the interaction between mental illness and relationships. Written and directed by Lauren Stone, both pieces feature complex female leads that struggle with conditions granting them both strength and instability as they engage with men who have an interest in them. The males serve as vehicles to address the perceptions of mental illness from an outsider point of view, the romanticising of crippling illness and the often confrontational dynamic between the sexes...the dialogue is precise, funny and even allows for the sprouting of curious references like the Mamas and the Papas, fairy tales and even characters from the mythical court of King Arthur. Both pieces are highly enjoyable and provide an emotional roller-coaster, while at the same time offering chance for reflection about highly relatable topics." Carlos Fuentes Velasco-Montreal Rampage (Review)

"It took everything in my power not to get involved with the actors directly during this very well written text. It's just so involving and so contemporary, that it is definitely going to make you want to jump into the conversation with the actors." Davyn Ryall-Montreal's Main ARTery Click to listen to his review/interview with the producer Kenny Streule and Lauren Stone.

"This promises to be an evening of fun, nuanced theatre, with the aim of offering the audience both laughs and food for thought." Carlos Fuentes Velasco-Montreal Rampage(Preview)

"This evening I had the pleasure of of watching Contemporary Knights written and directed by Lauren Stone. Contemporary Knights is composed of two short plays discussing some of the issues of mental illness, Bi-polar disorder, OCD, and phobias to be exact...I must give extra thanks to Lauren who wrote the plays. Having dealt with people struggling with depression I know how difficult it can be helping the other person while trying to dealing with your own life as well. I could actually recall some conversations that have sounded similar at times. Additionally, the use of Agoraphobia in Black Flats was not only a good way to simplify the action in the play, but it also shows the audience how crippling certain phobias can be. I highly recommend you go see these plays." Michael Loewen-Of Mic's and Men

"Go see Contemporary Knights at the Freestanding Room! Saw it tonight, well-acted, beautifully written..." Stuart Fink(audience response, facebook shout outs)

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