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Nominated for a BAFTA

It may seem silly, it may seem naive, but when I came onto R6, I effectively came on to help them get out of a hole. I was only supposed to be there for eight weeks writing "Grenade" to help them ship on time. At the end of my first week, my narrative director asked me if I could stay longer. After six weeks they officially extended my contract and I got a raise. A week later, it was just me and the lead writer. Four weeks after that, it was just me.

The team trusted me to get the job done. To help shape the language of the game and make sure we had a single player component that made sense for what we were trying to do. We launched in December 2015, and luckily most people who have played the game have enjoyed the experience. There are even a few people who get what I was trying to do with the Situtations, one of those people even wrote a review in The Washington Post. As an Asian American writer, I got to create a character in the JTF2 that is an Asian Canadian woman and had her voiced by an Asian Canadian Woman. That in and of itself was huge and important to me, and now this project is nominated for a BAFTA.

It doesn't matter whether or not we win. That this project is being recognized for its artistry is incredible. And our team will always be BAFTA nominees, which for me is enough.

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