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HONESTLY, OK is honestly coming to a theater near you...

Well, it's only near you if you are by THE BLANK in Los Angeles during the Hollywood Fringe Festival, but we are ridiculously excited to announce the World Premiere of the work that started Greatest Day of Our Lives Productions.

About HONESTLY, OK: THE SEMI-TRUE STORY OF A GIRL AND HER SHOES: A teenage Nicole is kicked out of her parent's house. She lives on the streets until a kind citizen exposes the budding actress to a new career, with a pair of clear acrylic heels. HONESTLY, OK examines Nicole's life from homeless teen to successful theater director. A memory play, the tale flashes through time, with two women and one man representing all of the people who have touched Nicole's life. At times hilarious, at times touching, and at times cruel, the play is a realistic view of one woman's struggle to find a home and make a life for herself.

THE BLANK has been amazing in their support of this project and we feel incredibly blessed to be able to have the show presented with the original cast and creative team from the November reading in The Blank's LIVING ROOM SERIES for the FRINGE festival.

Thank you to everyone involved especially our producers for the LIVING ROOM SERIES workshop Daniel Henning, Stephen "Wesley" Moffatt, Sarah Bauer, and Elena Campbell-Martinez; our original cast, Stephen Guarino, Christine Lakin, and Ellen D. Williams; our director, Michael A. Shepperd; and my writing partner Nicole Dominguez.

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