This was my first Fringe festival, and I was in two simultaneously. Performing in the Montreal Fringe Festival and as a writer at the Hollywood Fringe Festival.

It was a lot of fun, but also completely surreal. In the middle of the Fringe, the Comedyworks, the club I have been performing at since February, shut its doors. We were all shocked and most of us learned about the Works' closure on Facebook as comedians and fans shared the article in the Gazette.

While one door closed another was opened. I became a member of Freestanding Room, a theater collective in Montreal, QC and began writing projects for the space. Since, I am such a slacker, we will be doing a workshop/reading this week and will launch a full production in August of a new play CONTEMPORARY KNIGHTS.

We are still waiting for reviews to come in for HONESTLY, OK but here are some feedback highlights.



Frontiers would like to shine a spotlight on the best LGBT productions this year’s Hollywood Fringe has to offer…

Honestly, OK: The Semi-True Story of a Girl and Her Shoes This memory play of a homeless girl and her clear acrylic heels is directed by local theater notable Michael Shepperd of the LGBT troupe Celebration Theater….Honestly, OK becomes Honestly, Must Watch.

Blank Theater 2nd Stage, 6500 Santa Monica Blvd., Hlywd. June 19- 22.

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certified reviewer

tagged as: autobiographical · touching · funny

Funny and honest, at turns hilarious and heart-breaking, this show flies by in just under an hour. Nicole Dominguez is wonderful in the lead role which is based on her own life story. Ellen Williams is terrific in multiple supporting roles, each with a unique character, physicality and even accent. The transitions between scenes and monologues were seamless and nicely helped along by a great lighting design and expertly handled by an expert stage manager Amber Bruegel. I would tell you to GO see this show, but it closed today.


Whose Fuck was GREAT! @fringebuzz

"What a great show! My only regret was that I only saw it twice! Please bring it back next year."


Tuesday night, I went to see Whose F*** is it Anyway at Cabaret du Mile End. A take on the original show,Whose Line is it Anyway. I love this show so the right execution of is was very important to me. and I wasn’t dissappointed. They were right on the ball. All your favorite games such as “Scenes from a Hat”, “Forward-Reverse”, “Lines in a Pocket” we’re played. Yes it can be a stressful or nerve racking for some to say things out loud. That’s why you need a dude like Lucas in the crowd who yells out the perfect thing every time. My new favorite “En Français” is fun and it suits this city 200%. Highlight of my night was the guy making sound effect with his mouth. What a fun skit that was.

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