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HONESTLY, OK Hollywood Fringe

"HONESTLY, OK becomes Honestly, Must Watch"-Mike Ciriaco, Frontier Magazine

Thank you, Mike, for including HONESTLY, OK in your article Hollywood Fringe Festival 2014: 5 Great LGBT Productions, and the wonderful endorsement.

I can't believe how far this show has come in a year. I am eternally grateful to our wonderful team in Los Angeles that have been working their asses off to bring this story from page to stage. I wish I could be there, but my commitment to Plaid Thursday Productions and our performance schedule for the Montreal Fringe Festival did not allow me to get out to the west coast.

I know you will be beautiful and brilliant. Have a wonderful run and if you are able to support this new work please come see the show or contribute to the Kickstarter.

Thank you for your love, talent, and support,


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