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MTL ComicCon

Today, I was privileged to be on a panel at Montreal ComicCon as a contestant on BATTLECOM, their facebook page describes the show:

Battle-Com is a fast-paced comedy performance show which combines the speed and attitude of MTV’s Yo Momma Battles and unlimited comedic potential of HTP’s Whose Line Is It Anyways. Battle-Com avoids the limited scope of the Yo Momma’s and the limited tension in WLIIA by presenting vigorous quick joke battles on a variety of subjects with a moderator/host whose quips keep it moving and a live audience to determine the winners.

Our "battle" was over which Disney princess would win in a "Royal Rumble". I chose Mulan. And, whether it was a matter of Mulan being the ultimate Disney Warrior Princess, or my knowledge of other Disney Princess songs that clinched it, I won the battle and was named the Montreal ComicCon Battlecom Champion.

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